Welcome to Hot Springs Monument Company!

Our firm has 82 years' experience in helping families through very difficult times.
We don’t just order from stock pictures, we enjoy talking with our customers and finding out what they would like to have on their monuments to make it personal to them.  If you see a monument you like in a cemetery, on our web site, or in a book we will be glad to make one just like it, or change it a little and make it more personal. We believe that a memorial is not placed solely to commemorate a death but to tell the story of a life.
We offer granite monuments in a wide selection of color, bronze grave markers mounted on a granite base with a vase or without a vase and matching VA markers. For families who choose cremation, we have a wide selection of cremation monuments, from benches, granite monuments, personal columbaria to monuments that will hold cremains.
If you have that special place you or your loved one enjoyed going, let us take a picture of that place and put it on a monument with our laser etching.  We also offer traditional sand-carved monuments that etch flowers and letters deep into the stone.
We serve a broad area of West Central Arkansas surrounding Hot Springs, including Glenwood, Amity, Mt. Ida, Malvern, and more.
Please contact us today for more information.  We will be happy for you to visit our location on the corner of Fifth Street and Greenwood Avenue right across the street from Greenwood Cemetery, or we will be glad to visit with you at your home.  We look forward to talking with you soon.
- Kenneth Castleberry
- Dick Holden